Impulse Deviation

Impulse Deviation


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BYOB Ghent 2022

A short video about my two video installations at Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), on November 19, 2022, Ghent, Belgium.

My first one is a interactive video installation, using a webcam and a small spotlight on the floor. Almost all of the image is made up by the incoming image of the webcam, with some extras added to the mix. It was my intention to use some audio-reactive effects, but that didn't work in this context. I believe you draw more attention by making not too obvious that your showing the webcamfeed. People are excited to discover this by themself. You keep their attention by repeating this proces, by changing some effects randomly (effect layer set to autoplay, random). They have to take a closer look, again and again, to rediscover what is going on and get all excited ...

My second video installation was a big TV screen with some animated fractal images, and an old small tube TV with some random flickering noise for contrast.


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