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TEATRALITY - Aelion Project & The Suricates live

TEATRALITY is an event organized in date 06/01/2013 by the union of artists from different forms of expression to each other, but closely empathic. TEATRALITY is a concept of the digital revolution and technological, visual and musical. Aelion Project and The Suricates, are the actors of this innovative theatrical opera where music and VideoMapping, transform the fantastic "Teatro Comunale A. Di Jorio di Atessa" in a unique and surreal place.

Ideation and creation by: Antonio Dragonetti, The Suricates and Aelion Project

LIVE SET line up:
AELION PROJECT Future & Art [live: Light Minded and Jacopsen]
The Suricates [live set]



AELION PROJECT is composed of: Jacopo Di Crescenzo [Jacopsen], Vincenzo Millemaci, Roberto Affuso [Light Minded], Albano Sciarretta, Gildo Iacovella, Giuseppe D'Alessio, Gianluca Bosco

[ Facebook Page: www.youtube.com/user/AELIONproject/videos ]
[ Youtube Page: www.facebook.com/AelionPRJ ]


THE SURICATES are composed of: Alessandro Cicchitti, Vincenzo Di Santo, Filippo Maria Di Nardo, Daniele Paolucci, Armando Lotti.

[ Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TheSuricates ]
[ Youtube Page: www.youtube.com/TheSuricates ]