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Originally a Motion Graphic Designer & Anitmator for Motive Television I have designed title sequences, live graphics and
commercials for Irelands 3 top broadcasters and Channel 7 Australia. Training since 2001 in Motion graphic animation
software and 3D software, I (AV.KID, Donovan Delaney) use my knowledge of live television and post production in VJing
which means detailed, efficient and very professional pictures with a designed for feel.

With my knowledge of motion graphics I can design specific visuals on request and nearly nothing is not do-able with the
right amount of time. This allows me to create very original specific visuals, logo animations and
design entire shows to look and feel absolutely different to other VJ's but still make them have a uniform and creative edge
for the performer or night. While being able to act alone I can take a brief and make what the client wants.

I am also trained as a TV engineer and use my knowledge to use live bullet cameras wired up to my VJ unit and
cut live video of the performer during the show. This knowledge is also paramount to rigging in different venues, touring
and solving technical problems pre-show.

I have played several of the countries large festivals and have designed and VJ'd specific videos for many clients, both in
Ireland and Australia.

If i had to describe my style I would say I use my visual's as more of an instrument and play along with the performer to
create a very big clean cut professional experience. I like everything to look like it has been directed and thought out and
especially to be professional which sometimes I feel this young industry lacks.