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information In 2008 I started VJ'ing at UCC's Battle of the DJ's Competition. A lot has
changed since, then. Under the guise of ENFP (Extrovert, iNtuitive, Feeling & Perception) I have
played all around Ireland [trinity rooms, the Academy, the twisted pepper, cuba, pavilion], in
Mumbai [zenzi mills, bonobo, blue frog] and at 4 major Irish festivals [Life, OXEGEN, Hard
Working Class Heroes & Electric Picnic].

I play regularly with with Generic People DJs and I'm currently the visual side ofCarried By
Waves' audiovisual show. He has also produced music videos for Myrkur, StreamS, Generic People
and East Stepper.

Some of the artists I have played with include Headhunter, Daniel Wang, Andrew Weatherall,
Kanobi, Mental Martians, Caspa, Maurice Fulton, Shiva Soundsytem, the BayBeatCollective and DJ

I has also been involved in nights such as In Our Honest Opinion, Modulation, Ctrl Alt Delete
and hosting VISION, recently for 2011's Corona Cork Film Festival, a night bringing VJs together
to perform together.

My work involves recording & editing live video, as well as generated
graphics & edited stock & open-commons videos, then performing
live using a variety of controllers through my laptop.

I use a MIDI keyboard connected to Arkaos GrandVJ to assign video
clips to the keys. I arrange them in relative terms to each other, so
that neighbouring videos are either in contrast or of a similar nature.
I mix my own graphic content & in-built effects with the live videos,
providing a texture which the videos can blend with, creating
merging points between clips, which themselves birth unusual
transient graphics.

I assign these effects & graphics to a separate MIDI trigger pad and
then use a Behringer BCF2000 to mix the layers in GrandVJ.
At certain gigs I connect my output to an Edirol V4, allowing smooth
transitions between acts and providing another framework to perform
and control visuals with.

My visual style is very diverse and as my main video library is