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L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) VJ, visual artist, graphic designer from Geneva, Switzerland based in London, expressing herself in Vjing, mapping,  AV narrative - Live Cinema,  LED installations.

L’Aubaine started performing live visuals in 2005 while studying a master in Digital Arts in Barcelona. From her study she got interested in real-time performances and exploring different forms of narrative. 
All elements she uses in her work are self-produced, mixing different techniques, analogue and digital, as hand-drawn animations, illustration, typography, photography, graphical elements and videos. Her creation have that handmade feel, imperfect, bold and very colourful. 

Laurie crafted her unique style over the years by superimposing layers, interlinking shapes and colours, mixing elements from different techniques in an unusual and elegant way. 

Her VJ sets are evolving compositions, audio-reactive, created live and flowing with the crowd and the music. Each set never look the same, she shares emotions, playfulness and she’s feels like a painter and his canvas.

In her AV narrative or Live Cinema projects, she expresses socio/politics/psychological concerns such as immigration, urbanisation and also travelling as a metaphor of an inner quest or as a journey. She uses a similar visual language as her VJ set made of text, videos, animations looped and layered. She usually works with an producer or musician for the audio side of her projects.

She collaborates with producers/musicians for live cinema, live visuals, music videos and graphic design nowadays mainly with Basilar Records and previously Fernando Lagreca, E mc2 and Manintheattic.

L’Aubaine is since 2015, part of  VJ London, organising monthly meet-up & showcase and bigger events with a interactive installations and AV performances with artists based in the London area and international.

L’Aubaine played in several festivals, events, club nights in Europe such as le Zoo/Usine (Geneva), Off Signal Festival (Prague), LPM (Amsterdam, Rome, Eindhoven), Shambala festival (UK), Blissfields festival (UK), Hackney Wicked (London), Knockan Stockan (Ireland), Visual Brasil (Barcelona), Mostra Sonora i Visual (Barcelona), Fundub (Barcelona), Festival Femelek (Barcelona), etc… and some of her videos were also shown in festivals and exhibitions such as Festival Vertical (Spain), Mostra Arte Digital, Caixa Forum (Barcelona), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Colombia).



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Graphic Design


Modul8 MadMapper