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marQu comes from a background of experimental sound, video and performance art,
Graduating from DLIADT in 2001, Fine Art - specializing in Digital media / Video and Sound art.
He has been involved with the underground music and art scene in Ireland since the late 90s, producing concept based multimedia art as Q P.O.P.
Originally DJing EBM, Goa, industrial and Noise, eventually developing an experimental sound of his own called Psychatronic which is influenced by many styles, such as IDM, Experimental ambient, Techno, Industrial, Psychedelic and Electro.
He became involved as a VJ on the Psy Trance scene with Neutronyx Ireland in 2005 and has worked with numerous promoters and styles of music over the years.
Since then he has been performing live visuals for many genres, including ambient,
experimental, psychedelic trance, Drum and Bass, Techno, Dubstep and performing sound and video in Galleries and Music venues in Ireland, UK, Amsterdam and Rome.
Performances at Events, Festivals and Exhibitions include LPM - Live Performers Meeting 2015-2018, VJ London, Kosmos Festival Finland, Sonic Arts Waterford, Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, Life Festival, Knockanstockan, Eden Festival, The Science Gallery ICAD Event, Gateways Festival, Dream Gathering, Scrobarnach, Puzzle Festival and more.
Currently as Qpopvr he provides Audiovisual Performances, Live VJ sets, Video Mapping as well as services including Promo videos along with other Promotional services for events and festivals.
As Q P.O.P. he has had several music releases including an EP with the sublunar society in Sweden. Other releases include collaborations on the soundtrack for the VR Game Gnosis and tracks on compilations with Shunyata records and Home Grown sounds based in Ireland.

In 2008 he started the 4theye Multisensory experience events which was part of several festival between 2009 and 2014. It has since evolved into QVRtv (Question your Vision of Reality) a Multimedia/New Media platform and VJ Label.

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