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Manilov aka Elzbieta Manuilo started her visual journey from theatre performances (leading actress in street theatre 4 Żywioły: performances in Poland and abroad 2006-2012). First visual instalations were used in theather group “POZOR” (former and leader: director and screenwriter of multimedial play “Dubravka” 2009). After there was a period of spin-off in the direction of individual vj/av performances & visual productions that continues untill today.

Award in movie contest organized by Pomeranian Development Agency (2010).
III award in graphic contest “Vlepka o Chopinie” organized by European Urban Culture Foundation (2010).
III award in movie contest “MovieFon” (2011).
Live Act Masters international workshop (2014).
Kunstverein Jahnstrasse e.V. art gallery in Braunschweig (2016).
Live Performers Meeting Amsterdam (2016).
SpliceJamm AV : Workshop - Matt Black & Matt Sharp (2016).
Circle of Light International Festival Moscow (2016).



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Installation Video Art 2D Motion Graphics


Resolume Arkaos Touch Designer