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VJ Nirav is one of the pioneers and promoters of the Visual art in India. He is known for his trademark visual imagery across the Indian clubbing scene and live events., He uses his unique style to create magic on the screen that serves as the perfect eye-candy for the partying crowd, wherever he performs.
Nirav began his career as a visual artist in 2008, when VJing was a relatively new Term in india , where He had to explain in length to everyone what VJing means, he first performed with DJ Akhtar (one of the biggest name in industry in india) at club parties around Mumbai and then Joined DJ Aman Nagpal . Ever since then, he has been travelling around the globe as Visual Jockey and visual consultant.
This well known VJ is busy with his freelancing career, and has been performing Visuals at some of the best clubs and events around the world

- Vj Nirav is also into Designing the visual consoles with different technologies which includes LED screen and projection mapping for maximum crowd response and visual Appeasement



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