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ARTDOME - Europe’s Best Immersive Digital Art Exhibition for Domes

ARTDOME - Europe’s Best Immersive Digital Art Exhibition

Polidomes ARTDOME is something you definitely don’t want to miss! It is a mobile, experiential digital art exhibition which takes place inside a huge 500 m2 projection dome connected to a second entry dome which serves as a reception / coffee shop.
The video was filmed in Antwerp where the exhibition has played for six months and left the thousands of visitors utterly astounded. It is educational, entertaining and just plain great fun!
It is definitely Europe’s best and largest immersive experience. It is described as a cross between an IMAX, 3D theater and virtual reality experience without need of headsets. Visitors are fully surrounded in the dome by a collage of 360 degree projections which cover the walls and dome ceiling.

Visitors freely roam inside the dome and enjoy projection content which includes everything from the world of dinosaurs to classical and modern art (Van Gogh, Banksy, etc.) as well as incredible abstract projections which seem to literally pull you out of your body.
Polidomes operates worldwide and is now making bookings for a tour of major cities throughout Europe and beyond. Contact our Polidomes team today to find out more about our partnership model of ticketed events and how easy it can be.



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