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A projection dome with audio-visual artwork inside.
Soil is a derivative formed from the harmonious interaction of external and internal factors, which forms a more complex composite biotic-abiotic system. We are used to perceiving the soil as something inanimate, but it contains a large number of life forms. The various processes are constantly taking place in it: substances change their physical and chemical properties, interact with each other, move in the soil profile, form a new compounds.
The hemisphere of the dome directly brings us to the topic of studying the Earth's surface, its composition, properties and formation features. The soil is a three-dimensional world, which has a depth besides the surface. Under the dome, we get beyond the external visible and receive the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the content of the artistic research subject and its internal metamorphoses.
The key task of the visual part is a media experiment — an attempt to collect a general idea of the soil by working with the multifaceted projections of its abstract form through the prism of «factor — phase», that is, the formation of a concept through a creative and figurative interpretation of the processes occurring in it.
In everyday life, we usually interact with the soil through the visual and kinesthetic channels of information perception. An audio component of the installation is based on real recordings of soil sound that allows expanding the range of the influence and provides an additional opportunity to rethink the study object in a new derivative context of its perception.
The video synopsis is arranged in a free sequence according to the associative composition principle of the perception type, natural factors of the soil formation and soil conditions:
Climate — Gaseous (soil air)
Soil is the main composition regulator of the Earth's atmosphere. The variety of the soil types depends on the climatic conditions. Dual perception of the one. Interconnection and mutual influence. Working with a form from the formless. The Mobius strip.
Relief — Humus (specific organic and organic-mineral compounds)
Aerial photography — cartography. Visualization of the scale through the lines and primitives. Image comparison of quantity perception depends on the observation point of the research object.
Rocks — Solid (minerals)
The color energy through light refraction, that it isn't in the general conception. Creating a fractal based on the numerical data of the mineral extraction or making a pattern based on its molecular structure.
Living organisms — Living (plant roots, animals, a huge variety of microorganisms)
The variety of bacteria and microorganisms, that help to breakdown and mineralization of substances. Visualization of the chemical and microbiological decomposition and absorption processes.
Time — Liquid (capillary and film moisture)
Hourglass. Complex processes for thousands of years. Soils morphology. Visualization of motion by the process recording of soil sections formation over time.


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