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Operación Terciopelo. Projection Mapping BELLAS ARTES.CUBA

Marcel Marquez
Intervention / Architectural Video Mapping

With motive of the centenary of the National Museum of Fine Arts, and specially the international museum’s day, the arte worl started to make a group of activities like hemenage to such events. It lucks to us like a great chance to create an intervention piece for this day at the Museum as a bulding, as an art space, as a ligitimization zone. I get in
touch with the institution and we insert our Project in the day of the festivities the 18th of may, the day before of the death aniversay of our national heroe José Martí. I place a video projector across the street of the main facade of the National Museum of Fine Art.
Behind us what used to be the Presidential Palace, today the Revolution Museum. I start the nigth making our entrace in a classic car through the street. I jump from it like two guerrilla figthers and start the video mapping session with music of the cuban
electronic music pioneer Juan Blanco. As we agree with the museum’s directors the first part of our material it would be an homage to its 100 years of history. This alow us to play
around with the museum’s history until a “rain” of paintings from the colecction rol over the facade blending woth amateur paintings from the tourists fair. In this point star the second part of the work, an assault. I try to destroy the Museum with it same weapons.
We simulate gun shots, explotions and fire while the museum resist the attack. I left our positions in the same car that brougth us in after blowing it out with two kisses. We shout
“Viva el mapping!” and despair. The video projected and the history it tells was our aparent intervention, but behind that we had a real battle with the building. The blueprints of project were not accurate with the measure of the place. Under the spectators watch, we were figthing to adjust our pre-designed video to the shape of the bulding. The
video mapping and the technology that involve this concept as a language alow us to have a fragility and a moment of true in front of a hard structure denying change.


Projection Mapping