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Villagers of Ioannina City @ Desertfest Berlin 2022 | Visualizer by Sector 7G feat. dwavehed

Villagers of Ioannina City contacted us very friendly about their requirements for their visual ligthshow at Desert Fest 2022. They shared with us the works of Stathis Mitsios who designed for them some incredible material for their live album Through Space and Time (Alive in Athens 2020). With such big shoes to fit, we decided to invite visual artist dwavehed and perform something authentic but at the same time respecting the band artistic visual pursue. The result was an interaction between Lauta Martin who was casting live Tarot cards for the show, our video synthesis artist Juan Carrano and dwavehed on top of everything acting as the digital master. The interaction between these three was something impossible to repeat.

Unfortunately live audio was not good enough, so we decided to play along the songs from recorded albums. However this is the setlist for that tour.

The idea behind this is to share with you all this visualizer as it was done live. You can play it loud while having a visual trip with us. If you have a projector we encourage you to beam the visualizer to enhance your listening experience.

All the royalties for songs reproductions go to the band.

This performance was a live improvised interaction with the music and the following Team Members:

dwavehead on VJing and Digital Output
Juan Ignacio Carrano on Analogue Video Art Synthesis
Lautaro Martin on live Tarot Readings

Sector 7G Visuals:

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