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SECTOR 7G Collective is a visual art collective headquartered in Berlin. Inspired by the psychedelic art of the 1960s and 80s and 90s video art, re-interpreted in relation to modern techniques and music.

Combining colours, shapes, movement, space and time by using all-analogue techniques, our live performances are unique and unrepeatable. The projections interact and are influenced by the environment.

Our multidisciplinary team brings back to life techniques from the 60s to the 90s and adapts them to the needs of modern installations. Joshua White (Fillmore East) & Lance Gordon (aka. Mad Alchemist) have been our counsellors and guides to bring back the analogue art into the 21st Century. We had the tremendous pleasure to do concert visual light shows for a wide variety of music artists in the context of tours and festivals.

Some of our last collective works include: Synästhesie, Krach am Bach & Desert Fest Berlin where we performed live visuals for bands such as Baroness, 1000Mods, Elder, Pigx7, Truckfighters, Witchcraft, Slomosa, Kadavar, John Spencer & The Hitmakers, Orange Goblin, Lowrider, Villagers of Ioannina City, Dhidalah, Pallbearer, among other top bands of the current international scene. This year alone we have had over 100 performances! Safe to say we are the busiest visual artists in Germany. Any of these festivals and acts can give good references to our work.

Our Visual Light Shows can be a synesthetic complement to music and dance performances, or can have an independent existence as a silent art. As part of the psychedelic community, they focus on preserving the use of old-fashioned projectors, overhead projectors, liquid light, video feedback, slides, film loops and Lumia art.



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